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Welcome to the Northwest Fantasy Football and Basketball Leagues

Current Basketball League

Our flagship league was started in 1981. Our coaches draft from current NBA players. Unlike most fantasy leagues, we use software (Cactus Development) to play the games based on player statistics from the previous year. Also, our leagues are "keeper" leagues, meaning that once a coach drafts a player, he may choose to keep the player from season to season.


Started in 1993, our football league is very different from most fantasy football leagues. We draft every position, even individual offensive linemen. The computer game that we purchase each year (Action! PC) to play the games for us rates all positions, enabling us to have the most realistic league possible, without having to pay multi-million-dollar salaries.


Retro Basketball League

The newest of our leagues will start in November of 2002. We will be using NBA and ABA players from the past, starting with the 1959-60 season. This will be very different from our current basketball league in that coaches won't experience drafting a player only to have the player underachieve. Coaches will know what to expect from each player.


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